Private Excursions

Private Excursions

We are offering you a great solution in case You want to take a great guided private excursion with professional skipper.
This is great as if you or a member of your company doesn’t have a license for boat, this is basically rent a boat with skipper.
We have TWO great boats for 9 people (PIČULJAN MARINE 720 and ARVOR 215) and we are only taking one family / friends because we like to keep it exclusive so you don’t have to be on a boat with strangers.

This way we have predefined tours where we recommend the tours in case you don’t know this area so we try to suggest beautiful places to visit where you can relax, have a swim on some nice beach which can only be accessed by boat so there is no other people, enjoy in sightseeing of our beautiful region and much more.

Along with our predefined tours, we are also offering you ability to choose what places you are interested to visit!
This is basically renting a boat with skipper where you can decide which places to visit and our skipper will in agreement with you make a plan and you can together decide where to go and how much time you wish to spend on some location that you chose.

Here is just a small preview of some stunning places that you can visit and enjoy in our tour!

We always strive to give you best service possible and that’s why we included this beautiful excursion in our offer. This is unique opportunity to experience our amazing region and visit some stunning places such as: Island Plavnik, Stara Baška, Island Košljun (Monastery), Cres, Rab, Sv. Grgur, Goli Otok and many other bays and beaches that you will remember.

If you don’t like crowded excursions with 100 strangers on the same boat, this is perfect solution for you! You can decide how long you wish to stay on some place and basically you can pick locations with accordance with our professional skipper that will always do his best to keep you satisfied.